Wow It’s Sunday: It’s Rest Day but make it Best Day

From our school college days to now when we are professional, Sunday is always our favorite day. We start waiting for Sunday from the very beginning of the week. As Sunday comes closer we feel a sigh of relief as It comes after six long days.

We observe Sunday as rest day,But the moral behind the genesis of Sunday is to observe it as day of worship.

You are definitely thinking that I am going to say you to observe Sunday as day of worship or preach you some devotional lessons. 

Relax I am not going to do any sort of things like this. But I am definitely going to change your perspective about Sunday.

What do we usually do on Sunday??? We sleep till 9-10 am, some of us sleep till 12 noon. We complete some works which we left pending for Sunday even if you can complete them during working days. We watch some TV programs while eating some Sunday special dishes. Again we take a nap and day finish.

When we spend our Sunday doing absolutely nothing except some activities I mentioned above, We consider it a ideal Sunday. A complete rest day.

But for me it is a wasted day, I really mean it. In this time when we spend 75% of our time in earning food,clothing and shelter. We hardly get time to do those things that makes us really happy.

Remember your childhood or young-hood you definitely get some sorts of things. The things we like to do. The things we do even if exam was coming. The things for that we can’t wait to do.

Coming Sunday do some sorts of things which you usually don’t do but love to do. The things that you stop doing due to lack of time. The things you wanted to do but still didn’t start.

I am giving you some clues, choice/s is/are yours.

  • Give a surprise visit or call to a one of your friend you haven’t meet or talked for a long time.
  • Visit some places around you.
  • Record a song.
  • Do some dance move.
  • Read a book, or a newspaper article or a blog. 
  • Write some lines.
  • Talk to your parents and spend some time with them.
  • Spend some time with your  loved ones.
  • Cook some dishes for yourself and for your loved ones.
  • Try your hands on painting.
  • Try creative photography.
  • Dressesd up like a model, try a cat walk or photo session.
  • Visit a temple/church/gurdwara/ mosque  near by you in the morning or evening.

So make some plans, make your Sunday, the rest day is a best day. I guarantee you will feel much happier than usual. And I will feel blessed if my words work for your happiness.

Enjoy your best day.

Prashant K Asthana

12 thoughts on “Wow It’s Sunday: It’s Rest Day but make it Best Day

  1. Perfect Sunday plans. I usually make it as my hobbies day. Kinda sketch, write , creat or learn something new 😊✌


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