“Love what you do + Do what you love = Happy Life”

1. “Love what you do”
Before writing any further I want to ask you a very simple question. Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

I guarantee that answer of mostly of you is either No or Yes with many Ifs and Buts.

But why???? Why is it so??? There may be more than one reason but the most common reason is we don’t have interest in what we are doing. This is not the work we dreamt about. We are doing it because it earns or will earn you bread and butter.

The root of this problem start when we have to work in the field we have no or least interest. What many of us are doing is much different what we planned in our school days. It happens due to things change over the time and we opt what is practically possible.

In my case In school I have planned to be a engineer. I was a science student till my 12th. My favorite subject was mathematics. But I have graduated in Commerce as financial problems didn’t allow me to pursue Engineering. I preferred Commerce and Accountancy to any other stream because I wanted a job as soon as possible to financially support my family. I did couple of Jobs as accountant in Corporates and after that I’ve joined a public sector bank.

Many of you have a similar story as of mine. But should we disappoint or be dissatisfied through out our life as we are not doing what we dreamed about.

The answer is big no. As for as I am concerned I am neither disappointed nor dissatisfied as I’ve started loving what I am doing. I’ve started taking interest in the field I am working in. I’ve started excelling myself day by day. This attitude contribute immensely to my success. Having started as an accountant in a small corporate, now I am an officer in a leading public sector bank.

So start loving what you doing. It will give you a great deal of satisfaction and the feeling of doing something material in your life. It will enhance your performance, skills and confidence. The graph of your professional and personal growth will only move up if you “Love what you do”.

2. “Do what you love”
Here I will point out the things we love to do. The things which makes us happy and satisfied. The things we want to do but not be able to do due to lack of time, intent and consideration. These things are our hobbies and interests.

Every person is unique and God has given some qualities and talent to everyone. Hobbies and Interests are reflection of these natural instinct blessed to us by God. That’s why when we do these things, they give us happiness.

You too have some hobbies and Interests. I must say that you should give some time in doing what you love. It can be anything creative or non creative like writing, reading, painting, photography, singing, cooking, traveling etc.

We don’t do these things as they are not compulsory, they don’t provide anything in consideration. They are not our profession. According to me this is the best thing as you don’t have any type of pressure in doing these things.

So don’t leave your passion behind even if it is not your profession. Never stop doing what you love. If you had to stop it, start it again. Life is precious and so is happiness. If anything gives you happiness, do it.
I must say, “Do what you love”.

14 thoughts on ““Love what you do + Do what you love = Happy Life”

  1. I’ve always heard that if you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life. My last job was like that: I went to work to PLAY not work! I loved going in everyday and loved the people around me. I think all of us should find what we love and follow our bliss! Great post!

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